We are a proudly independent, Canadian sponsorship and experiential marketing agency specializing in music, sports, arts, fashion, entertainment, film, lifestyle and culture.

We know the Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing business. The foundation of our business was built from practical, hands on experience over the last two+ decades. Our team has nurtured XMC’s culture — from the people we seek to attract and fiercely retain, to the sponsorship and Experiential Marketing methodology and processes we’ve trademarked and employ. We’re goal oriented problem solvers, creative, forward thinkers – entrepreneurial, small and nimble. Simply put, we have an unparalleled grit and passion for what we do!

Strategy; Corporate / Brand

From concept to completion, XMC develops and implements powerful brand experiences that move our clients forward.

XMC produces and activates hundreds of client events across the country every year. From National grassroots field mobile marketing events to innovative experiential marketing programs, we successfully produce goal oriented events that engage consumers, business partners/influencers and employees.

Our Process

Our engagement process is methodical and follows seven steps to achieve client success:

Execution: Production and Event Management

Our sponsorship and experiential currency is music, sports, arts, fashion, entertainment, film, lifestyle and culture.

XMC produces and activates hundreds of events across the country every year. From National grassroots mobile marketing events for our clients, to innovative experiential marketing programs, we successfully produce and manage events to engage consumers, business partners and employees and deliver results.

Analytics: Performance Measurement

Quantifying results and evaluation is critical to any successful marketing program.

XMC provides relevant, timely and accurate measurement expertise that informs strategic business decisions.

MeasureIt by XMC was created to determine tangible and intangible Benefits, ROI and/or Social Return on Investment (SROI) they receive.

Our agency’s proprietary planning tools and resources have been instrumental in the evaluation of hundreds of sponsorship opportunities.

Field: Brand Marketing and Ambassadors
Great experiential marketing programs require solid planning and talented staff.

XMC is well positioned to be able to staff, train and deploy national and hyper local programs through XMC Staffing Solutions.

With regional managers across the country, and hundreds of hand-picked and rigorously trained employees at the ready, our agency has staffed everything from store openings, product launches and sampling programs to strategic experiential marketing and field marketing programs.

Digital & Social

Viral campaigns and heavily shared content don’t just happen by accident.

We all know that great content, passion and relevance drive results. XMC designs integrated Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing programs to go well beyond onsite engagement.

By strategically integrating mobile, social media, and emerging digital platforms, along with creative and strategic thinking, we strive for exponential reach, national engagement and data capture. We believe that amazing brand experiences deserve to be limitless.

Property: Naming and Rights Valuation and Management

XMC has been a driving force in sponsorship asset reviews and valuations, preparing strategic sponsorship plans and the development of a portfolio of high profile and revenue generating partnerships for a diverse range of blue chip properties and clients.

We are experts in the discipline of assessing, creating and valuing naming rights and partnership programs. Our professional skills include: sponsorship research, asset valuation analysis, brand strategy, conceptual and strategic planning, sponsorship execution, partnership management, and development and activation programs.

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