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Your business partner in driving revenue solutions.

Sponsorship + Naming Rights, Valuation and Pricing, Sales Strategy and Outreach

We are Canada’s leading experts at providing sponsorship and naming rights valuation intelligence to properties seeking to generate new revenue streams.


We have the track record and we have the connections to get to the decision-makers with the right opportunities.

What We Do

We are ruthlessly focused on generating sponsorship revenue for venues and properties looking to maximize their asset potential through strategic marketing partnerships and alliances.

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Our Team

Grit, passion, and the relentless pursuit of results run through our veins. It’s what makes us different. Since our inception in 2006, we have been driven to deliver success.


Strategic selling is the game-changer in creating the right solutions for the right partners.  We believe in conversations not just sending out sales decks. We are proud and passionate: recognized experts in assessing, creating, evaluating, and selling naming rights and sponsorship.  Results are how we are measured.  We only win when our partners win!


Sponsorship Canada - Sponsorship, Naming Rights and Marketing Partnerships

49 Bathurst Street, Suite 101

Toronto, Ontario.  M5V 2P2

(416) 703-3589

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